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Whether you're looking to deepen your connection to Puerto Rican culture, make new friends, or actively engage in community initiatives, the Westfield Puerto Rican Association, Inc. welcomes you with open arms. Be a part of our dynamic group as we continue to celebrate our heritage and build bridges of understanding and friendship in Westfield, Puerto Rico and Western Massachusetts.


Through a wide range of cultural, educational, and social initiatives, we aim to strengthen cultural and community ties in Westfield and to create opportunities for personal growth. Our organization hosts events, provides scholarships, and gathers to highlight Puerto Rican traditions, the arts, music, cuisine, history and our commitment to higher education. Whether it's hosting the Puerto Rico flag raising ceremony, sponsoring Spanish language classes, or promoting tree plantings for environmental justice, we provide a platform for both Puerto Ricans and  the community of Westfield to celebrate our cultures.  We welcome all who wish to join us in friendship and solidarity! 

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