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My Oxygen Friend, Hannah's Heart Tree

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Hannah’s Heart, you stole my heart from Day 1 with your heart shaped leaves, one sunny morning on Sept. 15, 2021, when you arrived at 8 feet 8 inches tall with a few naked branches, a handful of leaves and needing water – lots of water!

For two years, you got the weekly 15 gallons of deep watering you needed to thrive and grow deep roots. Except no watering needed between Thanksgiving through Easter when the ground is frozen. (Thank you, Hannah and New England, for giving me a break!).

You sure showed me! Like the time during a drought when I watered you, you’d think there was someone in the ground sucking the water at the other end! The soil around you was so parched.

Thanks to you I met new neighbors on my street like Maria from Ukraine. We didn’t use many words, but we had conversations about our families and church, and she introduced me to her friend who’s three doors down from me. Our sidewalk is the corridor of their friendship. And now, we always wave even from afar.

Thank you Hannah, for the quiet times and surprises. Like this summer on an oppressively hot afternoon, you gave me shade as I watered you. So now at 13 feet 2 inches tall, with branches brimming with autumn leaves, you’re more than four feet taller than when you first arrived. And today, two years after you were planted, I have stopped watering you (unless there’s a drought, you showed me!).

I took care of Hannah’s Heart for two years after she was planted in my yard by MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation arborists through the MA Urban Canopy program. From now on this tree will take care of me and of future generations with oxygen, shade and beauty.

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