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Free Trees for Downtown Westfield

Westfield, MA. The Westfield Puerto Rican Association is pleased to announce the ‘SAY YES TO THE TREES!’ campaign that promotes Massachusetts’ initiative of planting a new crop of large trees in Downtown Westfield. Thanks to the Greening the Gateway Cities Program (GGCP) Partnership Grant, WEPRA will team up with the MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation’s (DCR) Urban and Community Forestry to promote the planting of free trees in downtown Westfield neighborhoods. The goal is to increase and reestablish tree canopy cover for environmental and efficiency benefits.

These free trees are specifically for planting in people’s properties, tree belts and, on rental properties where landlords and homeowners are pleased to join in this environmental justice effort. Please visit the website for more information and to sign up for free trees.

WEPRA will be at the Westfield Farmers Market with information, a map of the planting area and sign-up sheets on the following Thursdays from 12 - 5 PM: Sept. 21st, Oct.5 th, and Oct. 19th.

Agma M. Sweeney, president of WEPRA is ready to launch the ‘SAY YES TO THE TREES’ effort by engaging in door knocking to provide information about this program. “Planting trees to replenish our tree canopy is one of the easiest, most effective, and responsible things we can do to benefit our planet, our city of Westfield, our neighborhood, and our families. I am so pleased to join in this statewide effort to increase the tree population in our Gateway Cities, one tree planting at a time.”

Both Ward 2 City Councilor Ralph Figy and Ward 3 Bridget Matthews Kane are on board with the tree planting program. They inform their constituents who are residents in the planting area at every opportunity. “I’m grateful the Westfield Puerto Rican Association has received the MA Urban Canopy grant. While the Greening the Gateway Cities Program has planted many trees during the past three years, the goal is to cover even more of the downtown neighborhoods with these free trees. WEPRA’s advocacy and outreach will help spread the news of the program throughout the tree planting district,” expressed City Councilor Bridget Matthews Kane.

"I am thrilled that the Westfield Puerto Rican Association was selected for this exciting partnership and that our downtown Westfield neighborhoods will continue to see new trees planted through the Greening the Gateway Cities Program," said State Senator John Velis (DWestfield). "Throughout its existence, the GGCP has planted thousands of trees in our region, benefitting our environment, air quality, and quality of living. I am glad that WEPRA will be joining this effort and will be working to expand this successful program to even more Westfield residents."

To volunteer with WEPRA to promote the free trees program, please email us at To sign up for the free trees or for more information visit

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